The Logo

The One Putt Ventures’ name and the logo was designed to capture a healthy mix of aspiration, perspiration, and a humorous paradox about Mike Gausling and his life as an entrepreneur and private equity investor.

Any golfer at any level would love to “One Putt” all the time. It just doesn’t happen. That said, when a golfer hits an approach shot “stiff” to the cup or drains a long scary putt, a momentary sense of pure joy inexplicably always happens. Hard work, lucky breaks, and natural talent always influence the number of proverbial “one-putts,” but they are indeed a rare event.

Why a goose? When Mike first started playing organized sports, Gausling was quickly shortened to “Goose.” That nickname stuck to Mike like glue with his friends until he graduated from college. Even today, a few longtime friends will always start the conversation with “Hey Goose, how’s it going?” A few friends have even gone so far as to call him geezer instead of goose. Ouch!

Why the 19th hole? This is a slang term for a watering hole. At the 19th hole, players tally up their scores, bets are settled-up, and bragging rights are bantered around freely and without hesitation. Inevitably, conversations go to what was the best shot of the day. Almost without exception, a great approach shot hit up close to the pin or sinking a long putt seems to always win the best shot of the day. Simply put, legends are made at the 19th hole. Any other reason for the 19? Ask anyone who knows Mike and they will have an involuntary muscle reaction with a comment something to the effect that “19 must be a prime number.” Enough said. He’s an analytical guy!

Just for clarification, Mike is a lousy golfer and for most of his adult life, work, family, and his faith dominated all of his waking moments. These were all great excuses for missing even really easy short putts or shanking approach shots.

Logo designed by Lehigh Valley’s own Justin Stewart